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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Hiatus

Well Sorry about that Hiatus, I'm sure everyone was with their family this weekend anyways. So i haven't updated the site in a little while. I'll be sure to see whats going on this week/weekend and post it.

To look forward to the new year, I'll be talking to OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY & The Frustrations about what they've been up to in 2010 and what we'll have coming to us in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Druid Perfume, Red Red Red and Sros Lords

Druid Perfume, Red Red Red and Sros Lords $5
Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 10pm
@ PJ's lager house

Featuring three members of the Piranhas – one of Detroit’s most infamous punk bands of the last decade – Druid Perfume continue the “Where the hell are these guys coming from?” mayhem, elevating it to the next level of Weird Punk. Tropically hot in its sweaty, confident swagger their sauntering, jazzy art-skronk collides with raw, soupy Detroit punk viciousness. This five-piece eviscerates that rotting corpse of Detroit punk, dancing, marching around the body, finger-painting the funhouse walls with the entrails in a truly manic Lord of the Flies-like hysteria. Piggy never had a chance. Members include: Jimbo Easter (vocals), Wade (sax & keyboards), Ryan (drums, theriman, cans), Brian K (bass), Noah (guitar, keyboards).

Jamie Cherry, formerly lead singer of punk rock outfit Surgeon Generals, got together with Morgan blank(guitar) from Badger Badger they both wanted to create sounds unlike their contemporaries but also keep in focus without flooding sound , instead more like a musical wall. Allan Adams from Regal joined the fold on keys, tired of typical standard keyboards sounds he twists them to his own demise! Again sick of unforgiving sounds around him, Phil Dworzecki has been slappen da bass!! Walking those bass lines to Destruction!! Kickin the radio down the stairs!! Thats the story of the Sros Lords!

Friday, December 10, 2010


We've invited Danny Kroha (The Gories, Demolition Doll Rods, The Readies) here at UHF records to play some soulful blues inspired jams both live and with his extended record collection.

Come hang out, listen to some tunes and shop!

Satin Peaches 7" release

Friday, December 3, 2010

Volebeats +Danny Kroha @mocad

Noel Night is an annual event presented by the UCCA, bringing together various cultural venues in the Midtown district for a night filled with craft activities, musical tidings and art, free for the whole family. On this very special evening MOCAD is proud to present music from two of Detroit’s finest musical institutions. The music begins at 6PM with former Gories and Demolition Dollrods member, Danny Kroha in a foot stompin’ solo performance. At 7PM The Volebeats will perform a breezy set of easy-going, countrified pop rock.

Monday, November 29, 2010

bahaha Why not?

Speaking of the Lions. They failed to win the thanksgiving game and apparently tried to start a brawl with The Patriots.

And Kid Rock played the Half..
this is all I have to say to that...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This here is the Gories!

It's gonna jump on you baby, and stain your dress

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Booze Cruise

Want to get out of the Michigan Winter Weather? This looks really fun. I believe it's a bit expensive but worthwhile. Tons of bands and tons of fun. I also think it's an open bar type deal at night and such. I really want to go to this. Hopefully I can afford it.

Check it out and if not, Check out the cool tunes of the bands playing it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Big Thanks

Well as it might not seem much to you all who come here but I just want to say thanks for supporting this blog and coming here and reading this. Checking up on the shows going on, on all the stuff I reviewed and reading all the interviews I did with bands and etc.

I'd love to do more cool stuff like that in the future. The reason why i'm posting this kind of post now is because I've officially reached 1010 views on here. I started it in the summer of 2010 and hope to keep doing it for a long long time. For now, I'm mostly just posting flyers for shows.

If you're band has a flyer and would like to contribute it to my cause(and yours) send it to me!


I'd love to keep doing interviews, so hopefully I can get back on track with that.

As far as album reviews and EP reviews go, I want to start doing that again. If you have an album or EP you want me to review...once again. Message me in an EMAIL. and I'll be sure to check it out. (that's also pretty hard to get in touch w/ people about)

In the coming months, I'd like to interview:

-Heath from Fagtapes
& many more!

all in all I just want to say:


Monday, November 15, 2010


Tuesday night!






6$ 9PM.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whitdel Arts Festival

CAID’s 2nd Location Whitdel Arts invites you to a full evening of Art, Music and More

The historic Whitdel Building includes CAID’s new Ladybug Studios
with ceramic and fine art education studios, a student gallery, and a
media lab. The building is also home to CAID’s Whitdel Arts, an
1800 sq ft professional exhibition space that showcases the work of
local and international established and emerging artists.

Whitdel Arts is Host to The Imagination Project, A New Independent Radio Station and Media Lab- all proceeds from this benefit will help us complete these projects!!

The Evening Starts Early!!

5:30-7:00 pm Whitdel Arts will be hosting an art exhibition featuring donated works from several local Detroit artists. Donated pieces will be available through a silent auction held during this time. There will also be musical accompaniment by Tamara Finlay.

Cover for this portion of the evening will only be $3.00 and will include admission to the music part of the evening.

There will be a release of artists featured in the exhibition a few weeks before the festival. Stay tuned.

Music starts at 7:15-
$7.00 cover will include some food donated by local restaurants

-Macrame Tiger
-The Beekeepers
-The Questions
-Electric Fire Babies
-The High Strung

After The High Strung CAID will be putting on an after party with local DJ's

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Benefit on Sunday!

This is for a good cause. The benefit is to help people with their medical bills. This is a really awesome lineup and it's only 10 dollars. The money doesn't even go to the bands so they'll be playing just to have fun, which is the best in my opinion. It goes to the great cause of helping save a life or someone's medical condition. So come out to the church of rocknroll and rock out at the Crofoot.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trumbullplex Halloween

Now theres two happening Halloween shows going on. This one at the T-plex and the other one at the Crofoot. Both super cool.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Show@Caid tonight

If you can't read the fine print. It's tonight at 5pm and it's 5smackeroos or 5 dollars. 5 denaro. Anyway you like to slice it another cheap show for a good amount of bands plus DJ ZONE DADDY. Enjoy the fall season Detroit Style.

Creepy Cheapy Halloween Treat Prt 2


Silent Years- Madonna
Prussia- Pixies
Silverghost with the Kickstand Band- the B-52s
Millions of Brazilians-Prince
Marco Polio and the New Vaccines- the Cure
Grand Dad Crunk and Gary Indianapolis as MSTRKRFT
Fawn- Smashing Pumpkins
Macrame Tiger- The Presidents of the United States of America
Back to the River, Back to the Forest with Jameson Blade- Spinal Tap
Von Pontiac Family Singers feat. Members of Wilson, the Deltas and Erno the Inferno-Beastie Boys
Woodman- The Mummies
The Marvins- Cake
Big Mess- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
School of Rock- Blues Brothers
Draft Punk as Daft Punk


DJ Erno the Inferno
John Katona
Justin Ames
CB Drink$

Starts at

located at
the Crofoot Ballroom

in Pontiac, MI
Can't go wrong.

I went to this thing last year and it was amazing. All the bands do a great job learning the songs spot on and staying in character during the proformances. The whole show is a giant halloween masquerade which makes it even more crazy. It had two stages and about 3 or 4 bars with reasonable drink prices.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Benefit for Andrew Coltrane's Wife @ The Caid

" This is a benefit show to help with medical bills for my wife Lisa. She needs to have surgery to remove a tumor in her brain. She does not have insurance. Please come on down on Oct. 8th at 5p.m. for a night of killer music & show support to a wonderful lady." -Andrew Coltrane

If you can't make it out, you can donate via paypal to:
All donations will receive a special cassette or CDr in the mail~

COLD TURKEY feat. Jon-O,Fenlon,Dan the dude&strangebrew
Steve fuckin' Kenney
Scorpio & Glass
DogLady w/Andrew Fenlon
Exhumed Corpse & StrangeBrew
The Others
Weird GARY
DJ Brad Hales
+++special guests

Starts early !!! 5 P.M. sharp!!! $10 at the door
massive merch table w/ tons of donated crud from all over the planet!
Personally, I can sympathize with this because I do not have health insurance either. It's very tough to live like that and I feel for this woman in her hour of need. So I think everyone should really try to make it out to help out as much as possible.

Two Shows You Don't Want To Miss!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

ADULT. Double Feature: An Evening of Midwestern Horror

This FRIDAY, Oct. 1st at the DIA

The Detroit electronic duo ADULT. present a unique evening of two original films with live soundtrack performances. At 7:30 ADULT. performs with their 2008 film DECAMPMENT followed by the premiere of parts 2 and 3 of their DECAMPMENT TRILOGY entitled TRADITIONS and POSSESSION(S) at 8:30.

TRADITIONS from ADULT. on Vimeo.

Event takes place at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

DECAMPMENT from ADULT. on Vimeo.

the Three Grace(s) triptych
...3 inter-tangled films by ADULT.

Show times as follows:
DECAMPMENT (2008) 7:30 PM : running time 40 minutes
- with live musical accompaniment by ADULT.

TRADITIONS (2010) 8:30 PM : running time 50 minutes
- with live musical accompaniment by ADULT.

POSSESSION(S) immediately follows TRADITIONS
running time 30 minutes

There are no reserve tickets for this event. It is $8 Admission into the DIA. Detroit residents get in for FREE with ID.

Detroit electronic duo ADULT. will be presenting a unique evening of original film and live soundtrack performance. the Three Grace(s) triptych is the completed two year affair of artists Nicola Kuperus & Adam Lee Miller. the Three Grace(s) triptych is an unorthodox film trilogy which does not conform to the traditional trilogy format, but relates more to the surrealist 1950 "Orphic Trilogy" by Jean Cocteau had its mythology been placed in enduring horror iconography over Greek legend. The approximately 95 minute presentation consists of three interconnected short films; the first being the silent-experimental-horror mirage DECAMPMENT, which was made in 2008. DECAMPMENT follows a provisional women's transmigration from her "past" life into a new society full of deceit and fable. The second chapter in the trilogy is entitled TRADITIONS (2010). TRADITIONS follows two young female friends and their matriarchs, all with unknown (and unchosen) inheritances, down four crossed paths. The trilogy concludes with the brand new dark and claustrophobic installment entitled POSSESSION(S) (2010). POSSESSION(S) simultaneously completes and ignores the narrative triad with doubles.

the Three Grace(s) triptych was written, scored, filmed, edited and directed by ADULT. members Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller and will be screened with ADULT. performing the soundtrack live on either side of the screen. For anyone unfamiliar with ADULT. (or with this specific project), this film (and its soundtrack) is in the spirit of John Carpenter (and Alan Howarth), Dario Argento (and Goblin) or Kenneth Anger (and Bobby BeauSoleil). the Three Grace(s) triptych focuses on an aesthetic of midwestern horror and interdisciplinary endeavor.

the Three Grace(s) triptych was filmed entirely in Michigan and incorporates the well-known photographic style of band member Nicola Kuperus, the unusual discomfort of ADULT., as well as their signature musical sound in the original score. ADULT. have released albums on both on their own Detroit label Ersatz Audio and the seminal Chicago label Thrill Jockey.

A night like this does not come time and time again.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Palladium Boots Presents: Detroit Lives

Johnny Knoxville and other take you through Detroit showing the positive things that are still going on. This Doc features tons of Detroit artists. So check it out. It's worthwhile.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ann Arbor show!

I assume it's byob since Far House is a co-op.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


and heres a link to the DIYSTREETFAIR website for more info
Enter text here.It takes place between September 17th-19th Ferndale East of Woodward, South of 9 Mile and it's free admission. A huge amount of Detroit Artists are playing this and it looks like a pretty good lineup this year.

Monday, September 6, 2010

JusticeRecords Show!

Well, Today I was stumbling upon a bunch of record stores out of my normal reach. I also wanted to make some more flyers and post some shows up here. Record Stores/labels with such a punk attitude/diy perspective and communal approach to running things is really great. Most record stores nowadays are just owned by business owners and or lovers of one genre of music and it shows in what they sell and do with their store. Anyways. Justice Records has a really cool attitude about how their doing things and hold shows in their store as well as hold a bike co-op in their basement. It's located in Mt. Pleasant so be sure to check out the Marco Polio & and the New Vaccines show there!

here's an awesome record store with an attitude I love:

make sure to read their ABOUTUS Section on their website

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Painted Lady Show

Cool cheap show. Unfortunately, this week the Painted Lady had fucking awesome shows and I sadly didn't know about them until just now...Otherwise I would've been making flyers for em and going to em. So here's the one last cool one I saw. Should be a good one.

Division Gallery Fundrasier

Another self made flyer. tons of bands. Show starts at 3pm and goes probably late into the night. No idea on cost, but I'm sure it's affordable and its for a good cause so check it out.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Be Something That You're Not

An extensive oral history of the Detroit Hardcore Punk scene from '79 to '85.
It is written and compiled by Tony Rettman.

Tony Rettman is a freelance music journalist whose work has appeared in The Village Voice, Arthur, Swindle, Signal to Noise and Mean. He is also a regular contributor to on-line publications such as Swingset, Terminal Boredom, Blastitude and Double Cross and provided liner notes for releases by such artists as Religious Knives, King Darves and Violent Students. He currently resides on the north shore of Long Island, New York with his girlfriend and cat.

Complete with never-before-seen ephemera, this book is OUT NOW!!! and available from Revelation Records, Amazon, and Last Gasp. Tony's piece is dedicated to the memory of Larissa Strickland from L7 and the Laughing Hyenas, who sadly passed away in 2006, and who was by all accounts a remarkable woman/guitar goddess. The book also has never before seen photographs and fliers from that time period.

Check out Why Be Something That You're Not: Detroit Hardcore/blog.


Tony Rettman also wrote some cool stuff about Touch & Go. Touch & Go is an Independent Record Label based out of Chicago, Illinois. However, the zine started in East Lansing, Michigan. It was a self printed fanzine written and produced by Dave Stimson and Tesco Vee. (The Meatmen) Touch and Go played a key role in the Hardcore scene in Detroit and around the United States in the 80's and for years to come. It's still currently a record label. The Article is very extensive and takes you through the history of Detroit's Hardcore Scene. It's also filled with some pretty cool photos.

here's that article:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Couple Cool Things To Mention

1. Outrageous Cherry is re-released it's first album on Microfiche Records
Outrageous Cherry - Self Titled Vinyl LP - $16.98

(Record Collectors this one goes out to you!-It'svery fairly priced for a repress because it was probably out of print before hand and very hard to new vinyl doesn't come cheap so this is about half of what it would really cost per record)

The Track listing is as follows:

Side A
Enter text here.1. Pale Frail Lovely One
2. If Someone Loves You
4.The Stare
5. 'Til I Run Out
6. Party's Over

Side B
7. Ace 100
8. Withdrawal
9. Overwhelmed
10. Bridge

Where to Order it:

My Own opinion about the Band: Can't get enough of all of their records. Every time I see them live it's a treat. They are extremely unique to the Detroit Rocknroll scene. They sound the best live and give you Timothy Leary-like nostalgia for the 1960s.

. Cool thing number two. Electric Six is releasing their 7th studio album titled, Zodiac. Like many of their albums it will be a Fall release on September 28th.

What People are saying about Electric Six: Some People say their albums quality goes down more and more with each release. Yeah its the same old electric six but it's just not as catchy or good as the album before it. Granted People like this tend to think about early albums with bands.

What I think: I think this is a bullshit opinion because if you understood Electric Six as a whole you would understand this: IT STARTED AS A JOKE. The first two albums were pretty much them getting away with it and hitting it big. Once a band has a good formula that works they'll stick with it. They play danceable rocknroll powerpop with ridiculous lyrics and catchy hooks. If this isn't in an album I wouldn't call it a good album but it's in every Electric Six album.

About the Album: It's out on Metropolis Records.

This is what they have to say about it...

The seventh Electric Six album (and sixth for Metropolis Records) is entitled "Zodiac." "Zodiac" is a record designed to appeal to signs of every persuasion. Is Saturn rising in your seventh house? "Clusterfuck" will smooth all those bad vibes out, brothers and sisters. Are you an Earth sign? "Jam It In The Hole" is exactly what you need to put your mind right. Too many planets fixed in your house? Take a listen to the E6 version of the Spinners' classic "The Rubberband Man" and put your worries aside. Just remember, in Electric Six's sky, every sign is a compatible one with YOU.

Here is the tracklist before it comes out:

Enter text here.1. After Hours
2. American Cheese
3. Clusterfuck!
4. Countdown to the Countdown
5. Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom
6. Jam It in the Hole
7. I am a Song!
8. It Ain't Punk Rock
9. Love Song For Myself
10. The Rubberband Man
11. Table and Chairs
12. Talking Turkey

Listen to it in these two places:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Detroit Documentary

Detroit Lives is a Documentary about all the good things happening in our City. It has a bunch of locals talk about the city. Johnny Knoxville also makes an appearance in the trailer. The Full documentary will be viewable to the public eye on August 30th. You can view the doc on

Monday, August 23, 2010

Frustrations/barewires/whitedrugs-lager house 8-24

Another selfmade flyer. Enjoy. Show is 5 bucks, can't go due to work but wish I could. I really dig Bare Wires. Both Bare Wires and White drugs are from CA. Frustrations are reppin the D once again. Should be a good show. I encourage everyone to go.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fucking Awesome Fest II



12:15 AM THE SILENT YEARS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
...12:00 AM PRUSSIA (Majestic Cafe)
11:45 PM THE FRUSTRATIONS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM SILVERGHOST (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:00 PM LETTERCAMP (Majestic Cafe)
10:45 PM KOMMIE KILPATRICK (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM MARCO POLIO AND THE NEW VACCINES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:45 PM SATIN PEACHES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:15 PM JESSICA HERNANDEZ (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:00 PM OLD EMPIRE (Majestic Cafe)
08:45 PM THE DRAGS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


01:00 AM THE PONYS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
12:30 AM THE HIGH STRUNG (Majestic Cafe)
12:00 AM SCREAMING FEMALES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:30 PM OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM NOMAN (Majestic Cafe)
11:00 PM CHILD BITE (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM FAWN (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM BARS OF GOLD (Majestic Cafe)
10:00 PM ZOOS OF BERLIN (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:30 PM THE DISPLAYS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:15 PM DARLING IMPERIAL (Majestic Cafe)
09:00 PM KICKSTAND BAND (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
08:30 PM CITIZEN SMILE (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


01:00 AM THE GREENHORNES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
01:00 AM THE HOOD INTERNET (Majestic Cafe)
12:15 AM THE SIGHTS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
12:00 AM JUICEBOXXX (Majestic Cafe)
11:45 PM MILLIONS OF BRAZILIANS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM TERRIBLE TWOS (Majestic Cafe)
11:00 PM CONSPIRACY OF OWLS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM FRIENDLY FOES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM SLUFTER (Majestic Cafe)
10:00 PM THE HOUNDS BELOW (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:30 PM SOLITARY STATES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:30 PM MOBIL / CRAND DAD CRUNK (Majestic Cafe)
09:00 PM DEADBEAT BEAT (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
08:30 PM ILLY MACK (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


12:15 AM DETROIT COBRAS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:45 PM MACRAME TIGER (Majestic Cafe)
11:30 PM GARDENS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:45 PM AUTOLUX (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM 800 BELOVED (Majestic Cafe)
10:15 PM DARK CITY (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:45 PM LIGHTNING LOVE (Majestic Cafe)
09:30 PM THIS WILL DESTROY YOU (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:00 PM ABNER TRIO (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
08:45 PM FUR (Majestic Cafe)
08:30 PM SNAKEWING (Magic Stick / Main Stage)

$15 single day / $25 four-day pass (limited amount available)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


here's a link to the X! RECORDS myspace

here's a link to the X! RECORDS website

Well, I did an interview with Scott Dunkerly the founder of X! RECORDS and the drummer for The FRUSTRATIONS. He's been a crucial aspect to Detroit's punk/garage community in the past 5 years so it was great to interview him about what he's been doing over the years.

How did X records start?

It started more seriously in 2005. A couple years before I was putting out CDRs. I put out the frustrations/nerves are fried 7" inch early on.
I wanted to put out my own bands then saw what Detroit had around and wanted to put out some more stuff. I saw bands that had been playing for a couple years and not putting anything out and going outside of Michigan to put it out.
I just saw a need to put out music.

To name a few, what labels influenced you?
Dischord, gave me some ideas...Touch and Go.
In what ways?
The DIY(do it yourself) community and that they were taking it into their own hands and doing their own thing.

What was the last record you listened to?Lyn Collins-Check me out if you don't know me by now

When did X Records have a website?
In 2005. was the original domain name.

How did you come up with the name?
It came to me, x being the know math or whatever. The idea of
something that will catch your attention.

Which methods of promotion do you enjoy most?
Flyers are great. The creativity is great. They're collectible and its a cool keepsake. I really think making fliers are a lost art.

How many artists do you currently have?
I've worked on 17 releases.

Who is your most recent addition?
Timmy's Organism

Will X Records be taking on any new artists soon?
Nothing planned but Heroes and Villains will be releasing a record on X soon. The Johnny ill band will be putting out a 7inch on X, The Frustrations(my band) will maybe put out it's new record on X.

Upcoming Releases (from X! records website)
X!0?? - Heroes & Villains 7" or LP
X!0?? - Timmy's Organism 7"
X!004 - Burning Orchestra "Record Breaking Neck Break Godspeed" CDEP (Out someday...)
Is X records nonspecific to genre?Not strictly anything, I like to say it had somewhat of a cohesive sound in the releases but I guess its kinda things I think go together well.
It depends what material I'm presented with and there's plenty of things I like and would like to release but don't think fit's with X.
I guess Punk or aggressive or kind of like psychedelic. Stuff I like has a thread running through it in a sense.

What do you look for in an artist or band?
Regionally focused bands emphasized on Detroit or from the area or until it dries up in my interests.
As far as what I look for it relates back to what I said, If it will fit or not. There's genres I'm more attracted to. Punk & Psychedelic. (see: previous question)

Have you promoted X outside of Michigan?
Yeah! I got hooked up with Revolver distribution in San Francisco and Internationally through them. Goner Records from day one, Academy Annex in Brooklyn, Permanent Records in Chicago.

What likes & dislikes do you have about running X Records?
Once in awhile I have people helping out with this and that. I guess likes and dislikes...I really like running it and enjoy it.
I guess the only thing a bummer is personal life getting in the way. I feel a certain responsibility to the bands.

What can you tell me about the future of X Records?
Probably just trying to keep putting out records as long I show interest in it and as people buy them.

Would you like the X-RECS distro to be more vast? (have you thought about expanding it? Elaborate.
Yeah I go back and forth, I'm getting my website redone soon. I guess I'm gonna try to collect records from bands and records that have come out.
I go to Cass & Italy to pick up records to distribute. I'm trying to expand it when the new website is up.

When should we expect a new website?
Hopefully in a few months we'll see a new website.

Would you like to do another X-records Fest to raise money?
Yeah I'm planning on putting together some kind of festival. I would have done a festival this summer but some things came up where I couldn't so I'd like to do another festival in the next year.

If you could change anything would you?
Nothing really comes to mind. No regrets about how its gone.
What and why?
Maybe more promotion and maybe get the word out more about releases.

How do you feel about all the people starting to talk about X Records
did you ever think it would get this big?
I'm not going to pretend I'm the end all be all record label but I think I do have a certain established name to offer and some people pick it up based on the label and maybe pick up a release based on that.

What do you like/
what do you dislike about distribution of X Records?

I'm happy to get hooked up with some main distributors and small Distros. I'm hoping to get more direct sales.

I do a lot of bands first records that people have never heard of before and
it can be hard because man this band needs to get a record out then you have to get people buy it or check it out. I like doing 7"inches cause they're easier to put out. 7inches are also cheaper than a full length.

I've seen lots of weird artwork on releases have you helped out before?
I usually help out with layout for bands.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free show!

Outrageous Cherry and Citizen Smile are playing The Whitney Garden Party! Thursday, August 12, 5:30-8pm !free admission!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Newest homemade flyer. took me awhile. First idea failed miserably. Hope you enjoy this one. If you aren't going to Ween, Negative Approach or if you're just having a boring night. Go to this!

official caid site:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Negative Approach

Here is my first ever flier made for the blog and elsewhere. Elsewhere means you can print this out and feel super good. Hell promote it and I'll feel even better. While I won't be attending this I thought it necessary to make the flier and spread the joy about this band. Negative approach isn't just any hardcore punk band. They went on to inspire and influence many inside and outside of the punk scene.

Here's a short blurb about them as a whole:

Negative Approach is an AMERICAN HARDCORE PUNK band, formed in Detroit, MI in 1981. The band is considered among of the pioneers of hardcore punk, particularly in the Midwest region. Like most hardcore bands, Negative Approach was little known in its day outside of its hometown. It is now idolized in the DETROIT ROCK UNDERGROUND AND THE PUNK SUBCULTURE, considered to be one of the elite bands of the "old school" era, and continues to be influential. Negative Approach initially broke up in 1983 with singer John Brannon moving onto Laughing Hyenas, and later Easy Action, but the band has reformed as of 2006 and continues to tour sporadically.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today at 8PM TO 1AM

LocationCAID 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd Detroit MI 48208


9:00 Kids Crafts
10:00 Camp Haircuts
10:30 Potato Sack Race
11:00 Penguin Toss
11:30 Drinking Muddy Water from a Hollow Log Contest

BAD PARTY 11:15pm
WARN DEFEVER camp fire sing along 11:45pm



What the Hell's the Land of NOD Experiment????

by Sara Aldridge

'Tis the season for summer festivals. From Movement and Coachella to Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, music lovers travel from coast to coast to watch a roster of artists from electronic and folk to rock and rap. This year, Metro Detroiters don't have to travel far to get a glimpse of some of the music world's most talented national and local acts. The Land of Nod Experiment will stake its claim in Jackson from July 23-25 and bring one of the most eclectic lineups in Michigan's summer festival history.

What started as an attraction within the VOODOO Music Experience in New Orleans from 2000-2008, Land of Nod has since broken away to expand as a solo event. "We decided to bring it to Jackson in 2007 and hosted successful preview events on the site in 2008 and 2009," says Dan Sheridan, one of the event coordinators. "This year will be the first full scale weekend camping event of our own."

Sheridan [above left] and Jason Reed [above right, with Andrea Bacon, a production coordinator] have been working around the clock for two years to bring this event to Michigan. With 32 years of combined experience in event production, Reed and Sheridan are gathering an assemblage of creative minds to exhibit an amazing display of art, music and creative expression. "Be prepared this year to have fun, shake your butt, gain new friends and experiences," says Sheridan.

Sheridan says that the mission of the grassroots music and arts festival is "to provide a platform for underground art to be exposed to people who might not otherwise experience it, and to showcase the pioneers [of] various musical genres." And with such a unique list of musical acts and displays of creativity, it seems hard for them not to succeed.

Admittedly, when you think of Jackson, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is not an all-inclusive art, music and camping festival. Racetracks, Republicans and jails would be more likely references. So why would such a unique event pick Jackson for a home? "After touring the site 12 years ago, it was decided that a festival-style gathering must take place there someday. Jackson is a very beautiful area and centrally located in the Midwest. The camping area where weekend festival-goers are encouraged to spend their time is shrouded in maple trees, giving the area a fairytale, dreamlike feel," says Sheridan. "Land of Nod is a magical place you go in your dreams where anything you imagine can and will come true."

So, why should you venture to Jackson? "Land of Nod is a smaller scale event, based around more of an intimate experience than most festivals. Most of the artists and bands involved will be onsite all weekend to hang with the people and take in the entire experience," says Reed. In addition, national acts like Tokyo Police Club, Eagles of Death Metal, Dr. Octagon and Of Montreal will be taking to the stage.

There will be a number of local musicians like Silverghost, Prussia and Audra Kubat also bringing their talent to Nod. Aside from the killer lineup of bands, the event boasts a lengthy list of creative happenings. "There will be theatrical performances, buskers, spoken word, aerialists, parades, live art creation and community involvement," says Reed. Creative art troupes from all around the map — including Detroit's Motor City Vaudeville Review, New Orleans' Tap Water Mind Control and Sacramento's fire troupe, Sirena Serpetina — will also grace the stages. So pack up the van, grab your pals and journey to the Land of Nod. | - Real Detroit Weekly


for more info!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Demolition Dollrods-GIRLSTHATROCK

The Demolition Doll Rods was a three-piece GLAM GARAGE band from DETROIT, MI. The band, known for wild stage attire, released its first record in 1994. The line up included DAN KROHA aka Danny Doll Rod (formerly of THE GORIES) on guitar, vocals, and harmonies, Margaret Doll Rod on guitar and lead vocals, and songwriting, Christine Doll Rod, also known as 'The Thump'/Thumper/Thumpurr on drums. In March 2006 Christine went on "maternity leave" and was replaced by Tia "Baby T" Dollrod.

Here is their music video for a sweet little number titled, "GET IT ON"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fucking Awesome Fest II

For tickets go to: Or visit The Magic Stick/Garden Bowl in person

Aug 19-22 // 50 Bands // Magic Stick + Majestic Cafe & Everywhere in between


12:15 AM THE SILENT YEARS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
12:00 AM PRUSSIA (Majestic Cafe)
11:45 PM THE FRUSTRATIONS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM SILVERGHOST (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:00 PM LETTERCAMP (Majestic Cafe)
10:45 PM KOMMIE KILPATRICK (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM MARCO POLIO AND THE NEW VACCINES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:45 PM SATIN PEACHES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:15 PM JESSICA HERNANDEZ (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:00 PM OLD EMPIRE (Majestic Cafe)
08:45 PM THE DRAGS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


01:00 AM THE PONYS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
12:30 AM THE HIGH STRUNG (Majestic Cafe)
12:00 AM SCREAMING FEMALES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:30 PM OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM NOMAN (Majestic Cafe)
11:00 PM CHILD BITE (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM FAWN (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM BARS OF GOLD (Majestic Cafe)
10:00 PM ZOOS OF BERLIN (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:30 PM THE DISPLAYS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:15 PM DARLING IMPERIAL (Majestic Cafe)
09:00 PM KICKSTAND BAND (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
08:30 PM CITIZEN SMILE (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


01:00 AM THE GREENHORNES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
01:00 AM THE HOOD INTERNET (Majestic Cafe)
12:15 AM THE SIGHTS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
12:00 AM JUICEBOXXX (Majestic Cafe)
11:45 PM MILLIONS OF BRAZILIANS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM TERRIBLE TWOS (Majestic Cafe)
11:00 PM CONSPIRACY OF OWLS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM FRIENDLY FOES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM SLUFTER (Majestic Cafe)
10:00 PM THE HOUNDS BELOW (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:30 PM SOLITARY STATES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:30 PM MOBIL / CRAND DAD CRUNK (Majestic Cafe)
09:00 PM DEADBEAT BEAT (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
08:30 PM ILLY MACK (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


12:15 AM DETROIT COBRAS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:45 PM MACRAME TIGER (Majestic Cafe)
11:30 PM GARDENS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:45 PM AUTOLUX (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM 800 BELOVED (Majestic Cafe)
10:15 PM DARK CITY (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:30 PM THIS WILL DESTROY YOU (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:00 PM ABNER TRIO (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
08:45 PM FUR (Majestic Cafe)
08:30 PM SNAKEWING (Magic Stick / Main Stage)

$15 single day / $30 four-day pass (limited amount available)


The Vaselines will be playing Detroit's lovely Magic Stick on October 29th. This tour is going to be in support of their second album release in 20 years. Yesterday, their website went live with the news that the second album ‘Sex With An X’ will be released by Sub Pop in September.

Here are the Tour dates!

Sat Oct 02, Washington, DC 9:30 Club w/ Teenage Fanclub
Sun Oct 03, Philadelphia, PA, First Unitarian Church Basement
Tue Oct 05, Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club
Wed Oct 06, New York, NY, Webster Hall
Fri Oct 08, Mexico City, MX Vive Cuervo Salón w/ Belle and Sebastian
Sat Oct 09, Guadalajara, MX, Teatro Estudio Cavaret
Mon Oct 11, Carrboro, NC, Cat’s Cradle
Tue Oct 12, Atlanta, GA, The Earl
Wed Oct 13, New Orleans, LA, One-Eyed Jacks
Thu Oct 14, Houston, TX, Warehouse Live Studio
Fri Oct 15, Dallas, TX, The LOFT at the Palladium
Sat Oct 16, Austin, TX, Emo’s Outside
Tue Oct 19, Los Angeles, CA, The Music Box at Fonda w/ Superchunk and Telekinesis
Wed Oct 20, San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall w/ Dum Dum Girls
Sat Oct 23, Vancouver, BC, Biltmore Cabaret w/ Dum Dum Girls
Sun Oct 24, Portland, OR, Wonder Ballroom w/ Dum Dum Girls
Wed Oct 27, Minneapolis, MN, Varsity Theater w/ Dum Dum Girls
Thu Oct 28, Chicago, IL, Lincoln Hall
Fri Oct 29, Detroit, MI, Magic Stick w/ Dum Dum Girls
Sat Oct 30, Toronto, ON, Horseshoe Tavern
Sun Oct 31, Montréal, QC, La Sala Rossa

The new Vaselines album, Sex with an X, was recorded outside Manchester at the Analogue Catalogue studio in Mossley with Julie McLarnon engineering and produced by Jamie Watson (who also produced that first album Dum Dum). The Vaselines ca. 2010 is Eugene and Frances with guest musicians Stevie Jackson and Bob Kildea from Belle & Sebastian on guitar and bass, and Michael McGaughrin from the 1990s on drums. It may have taken The Vaselines 20 years to get round to making this baby, but it was worth the wait—bringing their solo careers to a climax. The irony has not been lost. Who says indie music can’t be fun? No hand-wringing on these tracks—just good clean smut with a twist of bitter. The Vaselines will tour the US in October, 2010.

Released: September 14, 2010

CD - $12
LP - $10


  1. Ruined
  2. Sex with an X
  3. The Devil's Inside Me
  4. Such a Fool
  5. Turning It On
  6. Overweight But Over You
  7. Poison Pen
  8. I Hate the '80s
  9. Mouth to Mouth
  10. Whitechapel
  11. My God's Bigger than Your God
  12. Exit The Vaselines

Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday the 16th

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (since 2004 known simply as BLUES EXPLOSION) is an American punk blues band, which was formed in New York in 1990.

Lee Marvin Computer Arm will kick your ass in twelve different ways.

DUENDE! "No matter how you cut 'em, this slightly psychedelic, boot-stomp, hip-shake, Pabst slammer band bleeds Detroit. When I think of DUENDE!, I think of a Tarantino soundtrack for a film he hasn't yet made. Dark at times but with a groovy garage savvy." - REAL DETROIT WEEKLY 3/28-4/3/07

Saturday, July 10, 2010

International Detroit

I found this pretty interesting and it sort of fit my day as I was just watching kungfu/martial arts films all day. I randomly stumbled upon this band today and they aren't bad. In fact, they remind of a garage rock version of Garbage. More so in a vocal aspect. This band unlike most garage rock bands nowadays doesn't really have a dirty lofi sound. You don't see that 1960s influence right off the bat. It's more high energy. I hear a hint of the Detroit Cobras while listening to them as well. It's garage, it's alternative and it's catchy. Check this band out.

Official website :

Youtube :

Myspace :

Detroit7 is a three-piece garage rock outfit formed in Tokyo, 2001. The band released their first indie EP in 2003, and consists today of vocalist/guitarist Nabana Tomomi, drummer Yamaguchi Miyoko, and Kotajima Nobuaki on bass. While signed to the Toshiba EMI label, they made themselves noticeable when they recorded the album “Great Romantic” in Memphis with John Hampton, who has worked with big-name artists such as The White Stripes and ZZ TOP.

After ending their relationship with Toshiba EMI and doing another indie release, detroit7 was signed onto Victor Entertainment, their first CD release on this label being the full-length album “Black & White”. Meanwhile in the United States, Domo Records’ Daruma Label released the “detroit7” compilation album to coincide with the Japan Nite 2009 tour, which the band participated in.

The band’s name, vocalist/guitarist Nabana Tomomi explains, is quite simply the result of the members’ desire to combine the name of a place with a number.

Nabana Tomomi (菜花知美) – Vocal, guitar
Yamaguchi Miyoko (山口美代子) – Drums
Kotajima Nobuaki ((古田島伸明) – Bass

Friday, July 9, 2010

blahger haus Show

Piss Disco: hails from Lansing and combined elements of Psychedelic & Folk for a great listening experience

Carradine: hails from Ferndale and plays indie pop rocknroll

Fur: hails from Detroit and provides a postpunk sound with squeeling guitars in an almost hauntingly cool manner

The Savage Seven: hails from Ferndale and provides us with savage garage rock sounds



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Upcoming Events

Majestic Cafe
10:00 P.M.

Majestic Cafe
8:00 P.M.
Mon. July 19th at 7PM
Crofoot and MOCAD present
Lightning Bolt with Wolf Eyes and Human Eye
Admission: $8 in advance all ages

While only one of these bands is rooted in Detroit, I thought this would be a good post. I enjoy all of these bands and the Sundresses happened to open for the Hentchmen awhile back. Their lyricism is something else.

Wolf Eyes noise sets are known to be pretty legendary. They recently played at the Ann Arbor Vitae with Druid Perfume and Bad Party. It's indescribable.


"THERE IS HORRIBLE NOISE, AND THEN there is horrible noise you can legitimately say you enjoy. To understand the distinction, see Lightning Bolt play live."

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I'd like to talk a bit about this band for a bit. Although, I cannot review this record because I have not heard it fully I'd like to let everyone know that there's only 75 copies left at Burger Records. Lets talk about the release for a minute, it was released originally on cassette and Bobby Harlow of the band, " THE GO " recorded it for them. The tape was released in 2009. Only 200 of the vinyl pressing were released. 250 Get out of my house tapes were produced.

here is a link to "Smashin' Transitors" a blog from Port Huron, MI. This blogger speaks about The Pizazz and mostly the tape release.


This blogger spoke more in depth about, the " Get out of my house" cassette. I really enjoy the melodies the Pizazz uses in their music. Everyone was waiting back then for Burger to release it on vinyl and here it is! The Band is very excited and I'm excited for them.

(Note: The photo above is the tape release. The LP art features the room photo for more into go to: )

From Detroit Michigan
Mike : Keys, vocals, guitar
Mike : Bass, vocals
Ted : Guitar, vocals
Jake: Drums

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Gardens Upside/Downside 7" review

Upside A-Alive in 5d
Downside B-Mazetime

Released on Just for the hell of it Records
A limited one time pressing of 500 copies.

Gardens is:
Jeffrey-Guitar & Vocals
Matt-Guitar & Vocals
Vince-Bass & Vocals

This Garden's record is they're second 7inch release. Their first being, "Gardens In Novelty Land." The Gardens Upside/Downside 7" is a very good 7" inch for how they recorded it. During the interview I had with them they told me it was recorded on an 8track recorder. I would imagine they hooked it up to a mixer and had about as many mics as they could possibly use to record. Anyways, this is a lo-fi 7" inch. They're live show is slightly different sounding. Which is what i'm pretty used to hearing. I feel like the lo-fi sound works very well for this 7" but I just have a few problems with it. I feel like the guitar/vocals, and drums are at a good level but you can just barely hear the bass in both songs. In Alive in 5d, it's there moreso but it doesn't stand out as much as I would like. In mazetime it is flat-out getting over powered by guitar and drums. It won't take away from the 7" inch that much and it's still a really good listen. I just observed this and it was probably because the band told me they like to do live instrumental tracks when they record. Doing live tracks this good with an 8track is pretty damn hard so I do have to hand it to them for producing something this good for how they did it.

The overall production of the 7" is pretty good. I love the artwork. They decided to put the lyrics in the 7" sleeve which I thought was really cool because you don't see a lot of that in a 7" release. I would go into the lyrics and what they mean and all that jargon but I don't think it's necessary. You have to see it in your hands and read it off the paper to really appreciate it in it's entirety.

To order :
to order:

paypal to:

$6 ppd. USA, $7 Mexico and Canada, $9 rest of world

or send cash or money orders to:
just for the hell of it records
p.o. box 28187 Portland OR 97228

For their first 7inch release-Gardens In Novelty Land

Stormy Records - Dearborn, MI
Car City Records - St. Clair Shores, MI
Flipside Records - Clawson, MI
Record Time - Roseville, MI
Encore Records - Ann Arbor, MI
Underground Sounds - Ann Arbor, MI
Wazoo! Records - Ann Arbor, MI
Rockit Scientist Records - NYC


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gardens Interview

Gardens was gracious enough to invite me to one of their band practices to do this interview. As I walked out of my car, I noticed a part of Detroit I haven't really seen before. I've been in Mexican town and by the border of Detroit & Canada before but this was something else. We sat on their porch as the interview was being done and you could see the bridge in all of it's greatness. It was truly a great sight to see.

I asked Gardens when they first started playing music together. They answered, "Our first show was at the Mt. Clemens Art Center in 2007."
Gardens has been playing music for three years. I was pretty shocked by this. I knew they had been around for awhile but this was longer than I'd expected. I thought they were a pretty new band in my mind. Which they are, I just found out about them later on. I asked them if they're sound has changed much since their first show compared to now and if it did what were the major differences in that original sound. Gardens told me they started out playing more of a rougher cut version of what they play now. The songs weren't crafted as much. Gardens also said for a very long time they wanted a fourth member of the band but couldn't find one until recently and that's where Matt comes into play. He is the key that Gardens wanted in their music. I think they're right. A fourth member opened them up to put keyboards into the music. The extra guitar adds layering in their music. I could go on, the possibilities are endless.

The 7"inch I'm reviewing was titled, "Upside/downside-Gardens" It was released on April 20, 2010. I asked the band what label it came out on and they answered, " Just for the hell of it Records out of Portland, Oregon." Gardens has a friend from little claw that runs this DIY label out there. I thought that was pretty cool. Little Claw is a band originally from Detroit but now is central to Portland. I asked them where the 7"inch was recorded and they replied, "It was recorded on an 8track in an apartment." I then followed that question asking them to describe the recording process. Without giving away too many secrets they told me they do live tracks for the instruments and then add in whatever else the song needs. I asked what they're basic recording setup was and Gardens really said that they record differently. They do studio recordings but then they like to do lo-fidelity recordings too. Gardens feels good about the music they play at this point and they told me they really haven't been badly received by the average listener. Gardens has only released some demos on compact disc, a tape, and two 7"inches to this point. I wanted to know why they haven't released an LP yet. Gardens let me know pretty quickly what Detroit had in store for them. I was excited. Gardens said, " A full length LP has already been recorded. The first mastering wasn't great so we're trying to have it remastered. It should be released late Summer on Castleface Records."

I was curious to know what venue Gardens liked to play to play most. I used to go to shows/concerts etc what have you quite a bit before I was working. I think I have a pretty good grasp on what Detroit has to offer with bars, pubs, Venues, Clubs, Art Museums. Any venue a band could play in Detroit. There's tons of them but Gardens was very confident on their answer and I found it very interesting. "The PJ Lager House. PJ takes care of you. The food is good the sound is good and its not in a bad area but not in a great area, Do you know what I mean?" I agreed with them. Every show i've been to at the lager house hasn't been bad in a stand point of the venue's aspect. In the winter it's never cold in there, Theres a good amount of seating and standing room. For free shows there the band still gets paid which is pretty cool. (From what I heard) I followed that question quickly and asked them what favorite, cities, venues, and states they like to play outside of Michigan. They answered, " Union Pool, NY, NYC in Brooklyn. Death By Audio in NY,NYC Brooklyn. Fort Wayne Indiana." I asked if Gardens has done much touring in their past. They told me they had done some touring. "Short tours mostly. Midwest tours. We played Portland, OR for the Scion Garage Fest. We would've toured more but money is an issue. Our Van got stolen on one of the tours then last year we decided to do the no job thing and that didn't really work out too well so now we have jobs and hopefully we can do a tour to support the upcoming LP." I then asked them to describe the craziest show they played. They answered, " Crazy how? We've played to like 600 people or like venue completely over compacity crazy. We've had kids moshing and crowd surfing before while we were playing." I told them I wanted to know about the craziest thing that happened during a set or after a set. " One time a couch caught on fire. It was our first time playing in Chicago. We we're playing with Magic Shop at the Empty Bottle in Chicago and all the bands were done playing. There was this girl sitting on a couch and she got up and all this smoke came out. Then some guy pulls a couch cushion or pillow off the couch and a huge ember comes out. Then the same guy grabs the fire extinguisher really quick and blows it out. Then the whole venue filled up with foam." Gardens also told me that St. Patricks Day is pretty crazy at Slows BAR BQ and they love to play house parties.

That concludes my interview with Gardens. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Things to look forward to with Gardens!

-Full Length LP (out late summer on Castleface)

-7"inch split with Tyvek.

My Review of Gardens 7"inch-Upside/downside will be up in the near future.

June 24, 2010
5:00 - 8:00 pm


An artistic exploration of the relationship between space & self, environment & personality in the Belle Isle Conservatory.
The opening will include work from almost 30 artists-amateurs, students, professionals-mostly from Detroit but some for Chicago, IL and Portland, OR.
The artwork will include paintings, photography sculpture, songs, papercraft and performance art.
Music by Gardens with Citizen Twain, tapes on tape, MILOU.
$5 donation benefits the Belle Isle Conservatory.