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Gardens Upside/Downside 7" review

Upside A-Alive in 5d
Downside B-Mazetime

Released on Just for the hell of it Records
A limited one time pressing of 500 copies.

Gardens is:
Jeffrey-Guitar & Vocals
Matt-Guitar & Vocals
Vince-Bass & Vocals

This Garden's record is they're second 7inch release. Their first being, "Gardens In Novelty Land." The Gardens Upside/Downside 7" is a very good 7" inch for how they recorded it. During the interview I had with them they told me it was recorded on an 8track recorder. I would imagine they hooked it up to a mixer and had about as many mics as they could possibly use to record. Anyways, this is a lo-fi 7" inch. They're live show is slightly different sounding. Which is what i'm pretty used to hearing. I feel like the lo-fi sound works very well for this 7" but I just have a few problems with it. I feel like the guitar/vocals, and drums are at a good level but you can just barely hear the bass in both songs. In Alive in 5d, it's there moreso but it doesn't stand out as much as I would like. In mazetime it is flat-out getting over powered by guitar and drums. It won't take away from the 7" inch that much and it's still a really good listen. I just observed this and it was probably because the band told me they like to do live instrumental tracks when they record. Doing live tracks this good with an 8track is pretty damn hard so I do have to hand it to them for producing something this good for how they did it.

The overall production of the 7" is pretty good. I love the artwork. They decided to put the lyrics in the 7" sleeve which I thought was really cool because you don't see a lot of that in a 7" release. I would go into the lyrics and what they mean and all that jargon but I don't think it's necessary. You have to see it in your hands and read it off the paper to really appreciate it in it's entirety.

To order :
to order:

paypal to:

$6 ppd. USA, $7 Mexico and Canada, $9 rest of world

or send cash or money orders to:
just for the hell of it records
p.o. box 28187 Portland OR 97228

For their first 7inch release-Gardens In Novelty Land

Stormy Records - Dearborn, MI
Car City Records - St. Clair Shores, MI
Flipside Records - Clawson, MI
Record Time - Roseville, MI
Encore Records - Ann Arbor, MI
Underground Sounds - Ann Arbor, MI
Wazoo! Records - Ann Arbor, MI
Rockit Scientist Records - NYC


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Gardens Interview

Gardens was gracious enough to invite me to one of their band practices to do this interview. As I walked out of my car, I noticed a part of Detroit I haven't really seen before. I've been in Mexican town and by the border of Detroit & Canada before but this was something else. We sat on their porch as the interview was being done and you could see the bridge in all of it's greatness. It was truly a great sight to see.

I asked Gardens when they first started playing music together. They answered, "Our first show was at the Mt. Clemens Art Center in 2007."
Gardens has been playing music for three years. I was pretty shocked by this. I knew they had been around for awhile but this was longer than I'd expected. I thought they were a pretty new band in my mind. Which they are, I just found out about them later on. I asked them if they're sound has changed much since their first show compared to now and if it did what were the major differences in that original sound. Gardens told me they started out playing more of a rougher cut version of what they play now. The songs weren't crafted as much. Gardens also said for a very long time they wanted a fourth member of the band but couldn't find one until recently and that's where Matt comes into play. He is the key that Gardens wanted in their music. I think they're right. A fourth member opened them up to put keyboards into the music. The extra guitar adds layering in their music. I could go on, the possibilities are endless.

The 7"inch I'm reviewing was titled, "Upside/downside-Gardens" It was released on April 20, 2010. I asked the band what label it came out on and they answered, " Just for the hell of it Records out of Portland, Oregon." Gardens has a friend from little claw that runs this DIY label out there. I thought that was pretty cool. Little Claw is a band originally from Detroit but now is central to Portland. I asked them where the 7"inch was recorded and they replied, "It was recorded on an 8track in an apartment." I then followed that question asking them to describe the recording process. Without giving away too many secrets they told me they do live tracks for the instruments and then add in whatever else the song needs. I asked what they're basic recording setup was and Gardens really said that they record differently. They do studio recordings but then they like to do lo-fidelity recordings too. Gardens feels good about the music they play at this point and they told me they really haven't been badly received by the average listener. Gardens has only released some demos on compact disc, a tape, and two 7"inches to this point. I wanted to know why they haven't released an LP yet. Gardens let me know pretty quickly what Detroit had in store for them. I was excited. Gardens said, " A full length LP has already been recorded. The first mastering wasn't great so we're trying to have it remastered. It should be released late Summer on Castleface Records."

I was curious to know what venue Gardens liked to play to play most. I used to go to shows/concerts etc what have you quite a bit before I was working. I think I have a pretty good grasp on what Detroit has to offer with bars, pubs, Venues, Clubs, Art Museums. Any venue a band could play in Detroit. There's tons of them but Gardens was very confident on their answer and I found it very interesting. "The PJ Lager House. PJ takes care of you. The food is good the sound is good and its not in a bad area but not in a great area, Do you know what I mean?" I agreed with them. Every show i've been to at the lager house hasn't been bad in a stand point of the venue's aspect. In the winter it's never cold in there, Theres a good amount of seating and standing room. For free shows there the band still gets paid which is pretty cool. (From what I heard) I followed that question quickly and asked them what favorite, cities, venues, and states they like to play outside of Michigan. They answered, " Union Pool, NY, NYC in Brooklyn. Death By Audio in NY,NYC Brooklyn. Fort Wayne Indiana." I asked if Gardens has done much touring in their past. They told me they had done some touring. "Short tours mostly. Midwest tours. We played Portland, OR for the Scion Garage Fest. We would've toured more but money is an issue. Our Van got stolen on one of the tours then last year we decided to do the no job thing and that didn't really work out too well so now we have jobs and hopefully we can do a tour to support the upcoming LP." I then asked them to describe the craziest show they played. They answered, " Crazy how? We've played to like 600 people or like venue completely over compacity crazy. We've had kids moshing and crowd surfing before while we were playing." I told them I wanted to know about the craziest thing that happened during a set or after a set. " One time a couch caught on fire. It was our first time playing in Chicago. We we're playing with Magic Shop at the Empty Bottle in Chicago and all the bands were done playing. There was this girl sitting on a couch and she got up and all this smoke came out. Then some guy pulls a couch cushion or pillow off the couch and a huge ember comes out. Then the same guy grabs the fire extinguisher really quick and blows it out. Then the whole venue filled up with foam." Gardens also told me that St. Patricks Day is pretty crazy at Slows BAR BQ and they love to play house parties.

That concludes my interview with Gardens. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Things to look forward to with Gardens!

-Full Length LP (out late summer on Castleface)

-7"inch split with Tyvek.

My Review of Gardens 7"inch-Upside/downside will be up in the near future.

June 24, 2010
5:00 - 8:00 pm


An artistic exploration of the relationship between space & self, environment & personality in the Belle Isle Conservatory.
The opening will include work from almost 30 artists-amateurs, students, professionals-mostly from Detroit but some for Chicago, IL and Portland, OR.
The artwork will include paintings, photography sculpture, songs, papercraft and performance art.
Music by Gardens with Citizen Twain, tapes on tape, MILOU.
$5 donation benefits the Belle Isle Conservatory.

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Upcoming Reviews & Interviews!!!!

I thought I would let the Blackout readers know whats to come for the blog.

A couple things I know for sure that are happening.

-An Interview with Gardens. Also a review of their latest 7"

-An Interview with Scott Dunkerly of X! Records. Also tons of reviews of the latest X! RECS releases. These posts will probably be pretty endless so get ready for some fun.

-Latest Child Bite album review

Things I'd like to happen but am not positive about yet.

-An interview with the Terrible Twos. A review of their latest 7" and or Album.

-The Ruggs debut album review

Well folks, that's what the future holds for Detroit Blackout so far. Stay tuned because it's going to be a hell of a ride this year.

JUNE 20TH-2010. Do not Miss this Show!

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Girls that Rock

I thought it was time to have another post dedicated to girls that rock the stage. Here's one of my favorite Detroit bands. They're extremely good and you don't find many bands nowadays that sound like them. It has a blend of Detroit motown soul & RocknRoll. "Get The Gore, " is a great album. Enjoy!


Gore Gore Girls are a garage rock band from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1997. Their music is strong influenced by the guitar based underground movement pioneered by The White Stripes and the DIY lo-fi sounds of the riot grrl movement. The Gore Gore Girls first line-up included Amy Surdu on vocals and guitar, Paula Regalado on bass guitar, and Jeff Klein on drums. Klein left before their first single was released.

The band’s name comes from the title of a 1972 classic horror film called The Gore Gore Girls, directed by the godfather of gore Herschell Gordon Lewis, which is a parody of the term Go Go Girls.

Like fellow Detroit bands The White Stripes and the Detroit Cobras, the band started out struggling through the local club circuit before being “discovered” by independent record label Get Hip Records in 1998. Their first single “Mama in the Movies” gained favourable airplay on college radio stations in Michigan, before they recorded their first full-length album Strange Girls, which featured Surdu with Deanne Iovan on bass guitar and Deb Agolli on drums and vocals. Agolli was subsequently replaced by Monica Breen and then Cathy Carrell from rock band Inside Out. Bass player Melody Licious joined from Broadzilla, in 2000. Up All Night, released in 2002, received positive press from the Village Voice and Detroit Free Press. Their current touring line-up features Marlene Hammerle on additional guitar, Jen Pirch on bass guitar, and Nikki Styxx on drums, which toured with The Cramps in 2005.

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Detroit Blackout Facebook Page



As you know, I've been trying to get this blog a bit more noticed in and around the area. I've created a facebook page dedicated to the blog. The facebook page will have a bit on the blog but not too much. It's mainly for people to check out and once they added the group or whatever maybe they'll take a look at the page. That's really the only reason I made it. The facebook page shouldn't take away from the blog or be its own entity. Anyways, Check it out if you're reading this but for the most part if you are reading this on the blog you've done the right thing by coming here. Check it out!

Also tell your friends about the page/blogspot!

Thanks so much!

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LeSabre Radar


The Summer is great for just rolling down the windows in your car and driving around playing your favorite music at the loudest volume it can go. This post is dedicated to that and since we're all from the motorcity this video is perfect. The Dirtbombs song is dedicated to all the shitty traffic we have to put up with during rush hour.


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Record Store Day

Adam and I went to a few Record stores today. The plan was to hit up, ' The Record Collector' then, 'Detroit Threads' then, 'People's Records' then 'STORMY RECORDS' then 'Dearborn Music.' We ended up going to all of those locations but The Record Collector and Dearborn Music were the only stores that were open at the time. It blew but we still found some pretty cool stuff.

I found:

(1981 Arista)
Rating: A

Dirtbombs-Dangerous Magical Noise
Rating: A+

Record Stores & Addresses!

Record Collector
327 West 9 Mile Road Ferndale, MI 48220-1767 - (248) 548-9888

Detroit Threads
10238 Joseph Campau Street, Hamtramck - (313) 872-1777

People's Records
3161 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201-2723
(313) 831-0864

Stormy Records
13210 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48126-3539
(313) 581-9322

Dearborn Music
22000 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 561-1000

Kommie Kilpatrick – Weird City

Here's a sample from the Angry Samoans' 1980 cut YOU STUPID ASSHOLE: "You're a stupid asshole, baby I'm one too. You stupid asshole—I don't know what to do!" That's a real doozy, right? I mean, especially the way Metal Mike Saunders bleats it.

How about a sample from Kommie Kilpatrick's WEIRD CITY tape: "always goin, goin nowhere, always showin', I don't care!" I'd love for someone to comment and tell me what the hell this guy is saying.

I threw out the Samoans because Kommie is, at best, a blatant synthesis of their sound but also because, lyrically, Kommie Kilpatrick is a sloppy synthesis of the Samoans' attitude. I don't know much about these guys, but if they're from Detroit I'm sure they have shit enough to whine about. Is he really broke, the singer? They all look dapper enough to me, the band guys in their myspace pix. What's more, all these songs, save one, are all nonspecifically about fucking, beer, and being cool and/or poor. With a name like Kommie Kilpatrick, the average schmuck might expect these guys to have some bent against their godawful city, but they really don't. “Stabbed Tonight” could be about being afraid of getting stabbed on West Grand Blvd. but we just don't know. The truth is these white dudes are actually afraid to say anything about Detroit. Not that the context calls for getting political, but these guys are grasping at straws trying to avoid any sort of meaningfulness. They could be from Kansas City for all I know! Did you know that Kansas City never enforced prohibition in the 20s? It was full of brothels and jazz clubs and they called it “The Paris of the Plains.” They called Detroit the Paris of the Midwest too, but that was for different reasons and a very long time ago now.

Anyways there's nothing wrong with sounding like a band from thirty years ago, but even John A. Knucklehead would gripe about Kommie's languid angst. Punk is postmodern enough to allow for some wiggle room—maybe this album is doused in generous portions of irony—but these guys' crooner sounds doubly affected and dim-witted in a thirdhand way. No fooling, punk rock IS a put on, but you have to wear it well.

At the end of the forlorn day, Weird City gleans us eleven short first-wave-ripped hardcore punk tunes, no bells nor whistles. Eat it up, jerks. I can call you jerks, right?

Track notes:
2 Girls 2 Fuck – Slow then the same thing fast
Amateur Cool – Angry Samoans thing, falls apart a little. Is this a mantra?
Crash your car – Best song
stabbed tonight – I think there's guns around town too...
friday night – Worst song, chorus is lame
bad news beers – Rhymes luck with fuck
I need dinner – Go off and eat some lunchables
outta here – “So dumb... so bored”... su-burb?
running wild – Are you going to funk night?
skate die stink – Right on, man!
creature of habit – Aren't we all

Sunday, June 6, 2010




Majestic Cafe
4120 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI, Detroit
United States

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Blackout interview w/ Oblisk

Before we get into this interview. Adam & I sat down last night and listened to Oblisk's latest release, "Weather Patterns." As we sat on the floor listening to this, I felt a bit of a Joy Division rebirth also hearing similar elements of neo-psychedelia and a desert rock feel. This band reminds me of the Black Angels meets Joy Division. Yes that could be a weird mix but Oblisk can pull it off splendidly. I also hear the 90s shoegaze sound in there with droning guitars and layered fuzz. I especially like the drumming on this album, it compliments everything very well. The album is melodic yet experimental. You don't know what trip you're on but from the start you know you're taking one when you listen to this album. By the end of this record you feel like you've come out of an acid trip. (In a good way of course.) This interview should explain the album more in depth and give you the listener more insight to the band. Congrats on the new album Oblisk! Hope to hear more from you in the future!
1. How did this band start?

i had a vision for a sound i wanted to create years ago i felt there wasn't enough of it in detroit at the time so i asked certain good friends of mine who had similar tastes to be a part of it. they said yes and it has evolved ever since.

2. Who are your influences?

we are influenced by a lot of stuff. some of the artists are the verve, portishead, ride, spacemen 3, boards of canada, koushik, bjm, loop, joy division, my bloody valentine, four tet etc.

3. What is your favorite venue in Michigan?

i like playing the lager house. it's a good size and our sound really translates more over there. i tend to have the most fun whenever we play anywhere in the crofoot complex though.

4. What is the craziest show Oblisk has played?

last summer on tour in illinois we played a show in a kitchen and there were at least 100 people there. we were cramped in this little space with all our gear and lights with people literally 5 inches away from our faces. they were going crazy stomping their feet to the beat and clapping hands. it felt like the floor was bouncing. you could feel all the raw energy. whenever our strobe lights would go off, someone would turn off the the kitchen lights and it was visually great. it was pretty epic.

5. Where did Oblisk record, " Weather patterns" ?

weather patterns was recorded in our old practice space which was a tiny room. it was much different than recording tune in/tune out because that one was recorded in over 25 different places. having one solid place was nice.

6. Describe the recording process for the album.

basically our drummer was leaving to go live in north carolina for a year when we started it so we began with recording as much of the drums as we could. he left and we kept adding our parts and writing new songs. he would fly back once a month to record newer songs and work on things. a lot of it was done late at night in an isolation mode. we got a new bassist in the middle of it too so half the bass flavor was from dave and half was from manan which was interesting.

once the recording was done we sent all the tracks to be mixed/mastered to our label in philly and they did that part of it. we kept all the recordings secret until we released it. not even our friends heard it until the album was out.

7. What was the highlight of recording & releasing the album?

i'd say all the creative energy, ideas and focus that was going on during the whole process was inspiring. it was an adventure in itself. also, having it be well received and making a lot of best of 2009 lists all over the world was really rewarding. we love having listeners world-wide.

8. How do you feel about the end result of "Weather Patterns" ?

we are very happy with it. there is a lot of subtle stuff going on there that i feel people will appreciate the more they listen to it. it covered a lot of ground sonically, so its diversity it's also something we like. next time we will record in a proper studio after 3 releases doing it ourselves though. a lot of the details would come out sounding better and we will be able to translate it our sound the best way possible.

9. Lastly, What does Oblisk have in store for us in the future?

we are going to release an EP and and album in the future. we are concentrating a lot on trip hop style beats and concepts. ideally take our psych/shoegaze style into a different realm. hopefully creating a more unique sound by taking some risks. i feel these will be our best releases to date. we also are planning to tour the uk/europe.



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Friday, 5/28 @ the lager house
Rouge Satellites Record Release Party! w/ Fur, Pewter Club - $5
Friday, 6/4 @ the lager house
The Frustrations, The Motely Crew w/ The Cheap Smokes, Brownstown Gals - $5
Saturday, 6/5 @ the lager house
Robin Parrent's Violent Ear w/ Tiny Rhythm - $5
THE FLESHTONES - Majestic Cafe
Majestic Complex
8:00 P.M.
All Ages

Magic Stick Heroes:

Majestic Cafe Heroes:


Majestic Cafe
8:00 P.M.


Side A – Supernova

Side B – Jackshit

Well what's to say about this 7" release? It's simply amazing. First of all, the band released it digitally online as free. Does it get any better than that? Free releases in my mind are like giving candy to a baby. I do believe you can get this release in 7" form but don't quote me on that. Now about this band, Quilty is from Brooklyn, NYC. A very cool place to live and home to Brooklyn Lager. This band to me is bringing back that Pavement/DINOSAUR JR high-energy ear splitting sound into today's music scene. I personally have not seen them live yet but hope to one day. This band is normally a trio featuring these members: Sarah "sadie" Dupuis
Julian "j-tr0n" Fader, Brian "bricon" Connor. Sadie is the front woman and shreds the guitar and also plays it very elegantly. The drummer makes every bassline & guitar riff that much more in your face adding drama to each lyric. Burning the image Sadie is trying to get across to the audience in your head & the bassist is fantastic. So what do you get with three skilled musicians & a great idea of a band to begin with? A GREAT BAND & GREAT RELEASES. If you haven't heard QUILTY, listen to them now. You're seriously missing out. They just released a bunch of new stuff too. This 7" isn't even their most reccent.


It contains Supernova, their breakthrough hit in my eyes. Supernova is a fuzzed out song with lots of riffing and soloing. The drums are heavy and the bassline is hitting you like a loud heartbeat.

Jackshit is: just listen to the demo.

download the release:



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6 blocks of Black Out

1. [sun going down- Mr. Airplane Man]

2. [Trash-jack oblivian]

3. [Ko & the knockouts-You did it]

4. [Down home girl-the mummies]

5. [I'm glad i'm not like david wise-The Buff Medways]

6. [People talk- Cheaptime]

Tyvek - Skyin (Excite Bike Tapes)

Tyvek's Skyin is yet another demo release from these Detroit punks. Orginally recorded in 2004, Skyin is a straight from four track recording of a tyvek practice(?). What makes this demo release stand out from the rest (Blunt Instrumentals/Blunt Instrumentals 2: True to the Game/Demos Cass.) is a couple things. First of all this is the first full length LP demo release, unlike the Blunt Instrumentals 12" picture disc which was only a one sided EP. On a second note the presentation of Skyin is also something interesting. 500 of these bad boys are in old recycled LP jackets with glued wrap around artwork. I believe mine used to be a greatest hits of The Kinks. The vinyl itself has a blank white label. As far as the music goes, I feel like only a true Tyvek fan can appreciate this LP. It can be a tough listen for some but if you know the songs and have the ears for 4-track hiss and muff you will find an incredibly real album. When I listen to this I feel as if I'm a fly on a wall in a musky humid basement during a sweaty tyvek practice. You get early versions of Tyvek classics like "Frustration Rock", "Mary Ellen Claims" and "Give it up".

This isn't essential to the average listener of Tyvek but if you love the band then this is definitely an essential buy.

Where to Buy:

Record Stores/Ebay/Discogs dot com



Formed in October of 1992, the Hentchmen were one of the most popular live acts in lower Michigan throughout the ’90s. Featuring organist/vocalist Johnny Volare, guitarist Tim V. Eight, and drummer Chris Handyside, the band performed a primitive garage band sound that utilized few instruments and referenced their heroes in ’60s music. They began performing around Ann Arbor and Detroit, gaining a small but rabid fanbase. They released their eponymous debut and produced several indie singles, eventually scoring a contract with Norton Records in New York City. “The Hentch” began touring nationally, keeping their home base in Michigan while seeing the rest of the country. They released another album before Handyside was gone, replaced by drummer Mike Audi. With Audi on board they recorded Broad Appeal and Motorvatin’, both popular local hits that never quite branched out into larger exposure. Still, one didn’t need to pity the Hentchmen. They’d been at it for almost a decade, and had toured ten times more than your average garage rock slickers. In other words, those in the know already knew. In 2003, Norton issued the Three Times Infinity LP to critical and local acclaim; a year later, the band debuted on the Times Beach imprint with Form Follows Function. Italy released Hentch.Forth.Five (with Jack White), a collection of early works, in 2007.

Tribute to Jay Reatard

Well as everyone knows or should know...Jay Reatard died this past year. He overdosed on a bunch of drugs. At first I was shocked he was gone being that he was a garage rock pioneer and his music was very good. For him to die at such a young age is a loss to the music scene & a loss to every fan that liked him/band that played with him. Anyways this post is to honor him as best as possible.

this site, "The Hype Machine" has plenty of downloadable mp3's and listenable files. Feel free to take it in with a sigh and the drag of a cigarette. For this was great music.


Having founded seminal Memphis punk outfit Reatards at the tender age of sixteen, Jay Reatard (May 1, 1980 - January 13, 2010) was a seasoned veteran of the garage-punk scene. In the '90s Reatards turned the Memphis underground rock scene upside down with a legendary live show so over-the-top that they were banned in a number of European countries.

Never content to stick to one genre, one project or one band, Jay also co-led the synth-punk Lost Sounds with Alicja Trout...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The one the only...

IT'S THE GORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trashy bass-less Detroit garage punk/punk blues band formed in 1986 by Mick Collins (currently of The Dirtbombs fame), Margaret Ann O'Neill , and Dan Kroha (now with the Demolition Doll Rods). The band released 3 LPs and several 7 inch singles. They disbanded in 1993 and have been named an important influence on several garage rock bands, such as The White Stripes. Collins went on to form Blacktop and, as aforementioned, The Dirtbombs.

Girls that Rock

These gals are from Atlanta, Georgia. They play garage punk. They sound very influenced by bikini kill and that of the 90's riot girl scene. I doubt that's what they were going for but needless to say they are awesome. here is a video.

I hope to do more segments in my blog about bands that have female vocalists or all female band members. Due to the fact that, Men usually dominate the music scene when it comes to being a sausage fest in a band. Not seeing that is a breath of fresh air in my book.

Places of Interest






Feel Free to check out these labels. I thought I'd post some labels originally from Detroit and some that are not that I've grown to love over the years.

I said, alright!

The Oblivians, Need I say more?

The Oblivians were an American garage punk trio from 1993 to 1998. In the 1990s, their blues-infused brand of unpolished, bravado, crudely-recorded punk rock made them one of the most popular and prominent bands within the underground garage punk scene.

^^^^BAD MAN-OBLIVIANS (MP3 FORMAT)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Summer Rain

It's quite the day today. It has been very hot and sticky outside so far in michigan. This time of year has once come back and it is now Summer. A time of wreckless sex, drugs, & best of all endless amounts of live shows in & around the State. For my first post I give you Tyvek. This band is partially based out of Ann Arbor and Detroit. They were once a large group of people but nowadays they are four. Three guys & a girl.

Enjoy this.