Sunday, October 19, 2014


Okay it's back, i'm back. I feel good and I hope you do too. I don't know how much i'll be updating this blog but when I have time I'll try to as I'm finding myself with a little bit more extra time and drive. Let's get to it, there are 5 Halloween shows this season I think are worth checking out.


This event is a custom DJ set that is brand new everytime with the veteran DJ's Adam Gallegos and Sean Barry. Sakana sushi in Ferndale hosts this event and it is very cool! You come get sushi in this very nice Japanese Restaurant and listen to really good tunes. New DJ's bring new music to the table and it is going on at least ONCE a month. This month they decided to do a Devils night version. So expect cool Hallween music or whatever else for that matter!

here's the link and a flyer:

Sakana Sushi Lounge
22914 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI

Facebook Event: facebook link

2.  Halloween 2014!

Bunch of bands and stuff playing at New Dodge in Hamtramck. Come out for cheap brews and good tunes!

Flyer and link here:

Facebook Event:  Facebook link

3.  CDCC Halloween Spectacular!

Okay so here it goes, number three with the Communist Day Care Center Halloween Spectacular! This event features two cover bands both doing a unique band. Check it out in Berkley. This would be a cool event to check out because it's outside of the city at a pretty good bar. (THEBERKLEYFRONT)


Show at 10PM
free if costume

4.  Friday the 31th: A NIGHTMARE ON TRUMBULL!

 This event is sponsored by Urinal Cake Records. A cool Detroit label that has a bunch of awesome bands.
These guys are playing:

Rebel Kind
Terrible Twos
Growing Pains
Deadly Viper Assassination Squad

Costumes Mandatory?

Event at UFO factory

Flyer & link

Facebook Event: A Nightmare on Trumbull Facebook Event

5. This is a cool show leading up to Halloween with a bunch of really weird bands. In my book, weird is good. Here's the flyer!

Update: Outrageous Cherry is back with a new album!

It's been a long long long time since Outrageous Cherry has put out a new album and it's about time if you ask me. It's called, " The Digital Age" and its out on Burger Records based in California. Usually these dudes put stuff out on ALIVE or IN the red (if i'm not mistaken) but in this case it's my all time favorite...BURGER! Now this band comes from the 90's when playing rock n' roll in the kitchen was the only place to do it. As time moved on, they progressed very well. Most of their early work consists of heavier psyche influence and 60's pop structure. Now it's a little bit more on the pop side of things. I haven't heard one track from this album but I'm very excited to pick it up and give it a listen.