Thursday, September 30, 2010

ADULT. Double Feature: An Evening of Midwestern Horror

This FRIDAY, Oct. 1st at the DIA

The Detroit electronic duo ADULT. present a unique evening of two original films with live soundtrack performances. At 7:30 ADULT. performs with their 2008 film DECAMPMENT followed by the premiere of parts 2 and 3 of their DECAMPMENT TRILOGY entitled TRADITIONS and POSSESSION(S) at 8:30.

TRADITIONS from ADULT. on Vimeo.

Event takes place at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

DECAMPMENT from ADULT. on Vimeo.

the Three Grace(s) triptych
...3 inter-tangled films by ADULT.

Show times as follows:
DECAMPMENT (2008) 7:30 PM : running time 40 minutes
- with live musical accompaniment by ADULT.

TRADITIONS (2010) 8:30 PM : running time 50 minutes
- with live musical accompaniment by ADULT.

POSSESSION(S) immediately follows TRADITIONS
running time 30 minutes

There are no reserve tickets for this event. It is $8 Admission into the DIA. Detroit residents get in for FREE with ID.

Detroit electronic duo ADULT. will be presenting a unique evening of original film and live soundtrack performance. the Three Grace(s) triptych is the completed two year affair of artists Nicola Kuperus & Adam Lee Miller. the Three Grace(s) triptych is an unorthodox film trilogy which does not conform to the traditional trilogy format, but relates more to the surrealist 1950 "Orphic Trilogy" by Jean Cocteau had its mythology been placed in enduring horror iconography over Greek legend. The approximately 95 minute presentation consists of three interconnected short films; the first being the silent-experimental-horror mirage DECAMPMENT, which was made in 2008. DECAMPMENT follows a provisional women's transmigration from her "past" life into a new society full of deceit and fable. The second chapter in the trilogy is entitled TRADITIONS (2010). TRADITIONS follows two young female friends and their matriarchs, all with unknown (and unchosen) inheritances, down four crossed paths. The trilogy concludes with the brand new dark and claustrophobic installment entitled POSSESSION(S) (2010). POSSESSION(S) simultaneously completes and ignores the narrative triad with doubles.

the Three Grace(s) triptych was written, scored, filmed, edited and directed by ADULT. members Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller and will be screened with ADULT. performing the soundtrack live on either side of the screen. For anyone unfamiliar with ADULT. (or with this specific project), this film (and its soundtrack) is in the spirit of John Carpenter (and Alan Howarth), Dario Argento (and Goblin) or Kenneth Anger (and Bobby BeauSoleil). the Three Grace(s) triptych focuses on an aesthetic of midwestern horror and interdisciplinary endeavor.

the Three Grace(s) triptych was filmed entirely in Michigan and incorporates the well-known photographic style of band member Nicola Kuperus, the unusual discomfort of ADULT., as well as their signature musical sound in the original score. ADULT. have released albums on both on their own Detroit label Ersatz Audio and the seminal Chicago label Thrill Jockey.

A night like this does not come time and time again.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Palladium Boots Presents: Detroit Lives

Johnny Knoxville and other take you through Detroit showing the positive things that are still going on. This Doc features tons of Detroit artists. So check it out. It's worthwhile.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ann Arbor show!

I assume it's byob since Far House is a co-op.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


and heres a link to the DIYSTREETFAIR website for more info
Enter text here.It takes place between September 17th-19th Ferndale East of Woodward, South of 9 Mile and it's free admission. A huge amount of Detroit Artists are playing this and it looks like a pretty good lineup this year.

Monday, September 6, 2010

JusticeRecords Show!

Well, Today I was stumbling upon a bunch of record stores out of my normal reach. I also wanted to make some more flyers and post some shows up here. Record Stores/labels with such a punk attitude/diy perspective and communal approach to running things is really great. Most record stores nowadays are just owned by business owners and or lovers of one genre of music and it shows in what they sell and do with their store. Anyways. Justice Records has a really cool attitude about how their doing things and hold shows in their store as well as hold a bike co-op in their basement. It's located in Mt. Pleasant so be sure to check out the Marco Polio & and the New Vaccines show there!

here's an awesome record store with an attitude I love:

make sure to read their ABOUTUS Section on their website

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Painted Lady Show

Cool cheap show. Unfortunately, this week the Painted Lady had fucking awesome shows and I sadly didn't know about them until just now...Otherwise I would've been making flyers for em and going to em. So here's the one last cool one I saw. Should be a good one.

Division Gallery Fundrasier

Another self made flyer. tons of bands. Show starts at 3pm and goes probably late into the night. No idea on cost, but I'm sure it's affordable and its for a good cause so check it out.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Be Something That You're Not

An extensive oral history of the Detroit Hardcore Punk scene from '79 to '85.
It is written and compiled by Tony Rettman.

Tony Rettman is a freelance music journalist whose work has appeared in The Village Voice, Arthur, Swindle, Signal to Noise and Mean. He is also a regular contributor to on-line publications such as Swingset, Terminal Boredom, Blastitude and Double Cross and provided liner notes for releases by such artists as Religious Knives, King Darves and Violent Students. He currently resides on the north shore of Long Island, New York with his girlfriend and cat.

Complete with never-before-seen ephemera, this book is OUT NOW!!! and available from Revelation Records, Amazon, and Last Gasp. Tony's piece is dedicated to the memory of Larissa Strickland from L7 and the Laughing Hyenas, who sadly passed away in 2006, and who was by all accounts a remarkable woman/guitar goddess. The book also has never before seen photographs and fliers from that time period.

Check out Why Be Something That You're Not: Detroit Hardcore/blog.


Tony Rettman also wrote some cool stuff about Touch & Go. Touch & Go is an Independent Record Label based out of Chicago, Illinois. However, the zine started in East Lansing, Michigan. It was a self printed fanzine written and produced by Dave Stimson and Tesco Vee. (The Meatmen) Touch and Go played a key role in the Hardcore scene in Detroit and around the United States in the 80's and for years to come. It's still currently a record label. The Article is very extensive and takes you through the history of Detroit's Hardcore Scene. It's also filled with some pretty cool photos.

here's that article: