Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Couple Cool Things To Mention

1. Outrageous Cherry is re-released it's first album on Microfiche Records
Outrageous Cherry - Self Titled Vinyl LP - $16.98

(Record Collectors this one goes out to you!-It'svery fairly priced for a repress because it was probably out of print before hand and very hard to new vinyl doesn't come cheap so this is about half of what it would really cost per record)

The Track listing is as follows:

Side A
Enter text here.1. Pale Frail Lovely One
2. If Someone Loves You
4.The Stare
5. 'Til I Run Out
6. Party's Over

Side B
7. Ace 100
8. Withdrawal
9. Overwhelmed
10. Bridge

Where to Order it:

My Own opinion about the Band: Can't get enough of all of their records. Every time I see them live it's a treat. They are extremely unique to the Detroit Rocknroll scene. They sound the best live and give you Timothy Leary-like nostalgia for the 1960s.

. Cool thing number two. Electric Six is releasing their 7th studio album titled, Zodiac. Like many of their albums it will be a Fall release on September 28th.

What People are saying about Electric Six: Some People say their albums quality goes down more and more with each release. Yeah its the same old electric six but it's just not as catchy or good as the album before it. Granted People like this tend to think about early albums with bands.

What I think: I think this is a bullshit opinion because if you understood Electric Six as a whole you would understand this: IT STARTED AS A JOKE. The first two albums were pretty much them getting away with it and hitting it big. Once a band has a good formula that works they'll stick with it. They play danceable rocknroll powerpop with ridiculous lyrics and catchy hooks. If this isn't in an album I wouldn't call it a good album but it's in every Electric Six album.

About the Album: It's out on Metropolis Records.

This is what they have to say about it...

The seventh Electric Six album (and sixth for Metropolis Records) is entitled "Zodiac." "Zodiac" is a record designed to appeal to signs of every persuasion. Is Saturn rising in your seventh house? "Clusterfuck" will smooth all those bad vibes out, brothers and sisters. Are you an Earth sign? "Jam It In The Hole" is exactly what you need to put your mind right. Too many planets fixed in your house? Take a listen to the E6 version of the Spinners' classic "The Rubberband Man" and put your worries aside. Just remember, in Electric Six's sky, every sign is a compatible one with YOU.

Here is the tracklist before it comes out:

Enter text here.1. After Hours
2. American Cheese
3. Clusterfuck!
4. Countdown to the Countdown
5. Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom
6. Jam It in the Hole
7. I am a Song!
8. It Ain't Punk Rock
9. Love Song For Myself
10. The Rubberband Man
11. Table and Chairs
12. Talking Turkey

Listen to it in these two places:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Detroit Documentary

Detroit Lives is a Documentary about all the good things happening in our City. It has a bunch of locals talk about the city. Johnny Knoxville also makes an appearance in the trailer. The Full documentary will be viewable to the public eye on August 30th. You can view the doc on

Monday, August 23, 2010

Frustrations/barewires/whitedrugs-lager house 8-24

Another selfmade flyer. Enjoy. Show is 5 bucks, can't go due to work but wish I could. I really dig Bare Wires. Both Bare Wires and White drugs are from CA. Frustrations are reppin the D once again. Should be a good show. I encourage everyone to go.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fucking Awesome Fest II



12:15 AM THE SILENT YEARS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
...12:00 AM PRUSSIA (Majestic Cafe)
11:45 PM THE FRUSTRATIONS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM SILVERGHOST (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:00 PM LETTERCAMP (Majestic Cafe)
10:45 PM KOMMIE KILPATRICK (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM MARCO POLIO AND THE NEW VACCINES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:45 PM SATIN PEACHES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:15 PM JESSICA HERNANDEZ (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:00 PM OLD EMPIRE (Majestic Cafe)
08:45 PM THE DRAGS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


01:00 AM THE PONYS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
12:30 AM THE HIGH STRUNG (Majestic Cafe)
12:00 AM SCREAMING FEMALES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:30 PM OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM NOMAN (Majestic Cafe)
11:00 PM CHILD BITE (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM FAWN (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM BARS OF GOLD (Majestic Cafe)
10:00 PM ZOOS OF BERLIN (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:30 PM THE DISPLAYS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:15 PM DARLING IMPERIAL (Majestic Cafe)
09:00 PM KICKSTAND BAND (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
08:30 PM CITIZEN SMILE (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


01:00 AM THE GREENHORNES (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
01:00 AM THE HOOD INTERNET (Majestic Cafe)
12:15 AM THE SIGHTS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
12:00 AM JUICEBOXXX (Majestic Cafe)
11:45 PM MILLIONS OF BRAZILIANS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
11:15 PM TERRIBLE TWOS (Majestic Cafe)
11:00 PM CONSPIRACY OF OWLS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM FRIENDLY FOES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:15 PM SLUFTER (Majestic Cafe)
10:00 PM THE HOUNDS BELOW (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:30 PM SOLITARY STATES (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:30 PM MOBIL / CRAND DAD CRUNK (Majestic Cafe)
09:00 PM DEADBEAT BEAT (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
08:30 PM ILLY MACK (Magic Stick / Side Stage)


12:15 AM DETROIT COBRAS (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
11:45 PM MACRAME TIGER (Majestic Cafe)
11:30 PM GARDENS (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
10:45 PM AUTOLUX (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
10:30 PM 800 BELOVED (Majestic Cafe)
10:15 PM DARK CITY (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
09:45 PM LIGHTNING LOVE (Majestic Cafe)
09:30 PM THIS WILL DESTROY YOU (Magic Stick / Main Stage)
09:00 PM ABNER TRIO (Magic Stick / Side Stage)
08:45 PM FUR (Majestic Cafe)
08:30 PM SNAKEWING (Magic Stick / Main Stage)

$15 single day / $25 four-day pass (limited amount available)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


here's a link to the X! RECORDS myspace

here's a link to the X! RECORDS website

Well, I did an interview with Scott Dunkerly the founder of X! RECORDS and the drummer for The FRUSTRATIONS. He's been a crucial aspect to Detroit's punk/garage community in the past 5 years so it was great to interview him about what he's been doing over the years.

How did X records start?

It started more seriously in 2005. A couple years before I was putting out CDRs. I put out the frustrations/nerves are fried 7" inch early on.
I wanted to put out my own bands then saw what Detroit had around and wanted to put out some more stuff. I saw bands that had been playing for a couple years and not putting anything out and going outside of Michigan to put it out.
I just saw a need to put out music.

To name a few, what labels influenced you?
Dischord, gave me some ideas...Touch and Go.
In what ways?
The DIY(do it yourself) community and that they were taking it into their own hands and doing their own thing.

What was the last record you listened to?Lyn Collins-Check me out if you don't know me by now

When did X Records have a website?
In 2005. was the original domain name.

How did you come up with the name?
It came to me, x being the know math or whatever. The idea of
something that will catch your attention.

Which methods of promotion do you enjoy most?
Flyers are great. The creativity is great. They're collectible and its a cool keepsake. I really think making fliers are a lost art.

How many artists do you currently have?
I've worked on 17 releases.

Who is your most recent addition?
Timmy's Organism

Will X Records be taking on any new artists soon?
Nothing planned but Heroes and Villains will be releasing a record on X soon. The Johnny ill band will be putting out a 7inch on X, The Frustrations(my band) will maybe put out it's new record on X.

Upcoming Releases (from X! records website)
X!0?? - Heroes & Villains 7" or LP
X!0?? - Timmy's Organism 7"
X!004 - Burning Orchestra "Record Breaking Neck Break Godspeed" CDEP (Out someday...)
Is X records nonspecific to genre?Not strictly anything, I like to say it had somewhat of a cohesive sound in the releases but I guess its kinda things I think go together well.
It depends what material I'm presented with and there's plenty of things I like and would like to release but don't think fit's with X.
I guess Punk or aggressive or kind of like psychedelic. Stuff I like has a thread running through it in a sense.

What do you look for in an artist or band?
Regionally focused bands emphasized on Detroit or from the area or until it dries up in my interests.
As far as what I look for it relates back to what I said, If it will fit or not. There's genres I'm more attracted to. Punk & Psychedelic. (see: previous question)

Have you promoted X outside of Michigan?
Yeah! I got hooked up with Revolver distribution in San Francisco and Internationally through them. Goner Records from day one, Academy Annex in Brooklyn, Permanent Records in Chicago.

What likes & dislikes do you have about running X Records?
Once in awhile I have people helping out with this and that. I guess likes and dislikes...I really like running it and enjoy it.
I guess the only thing a bummer is personal life getting in the way. I feel a certain responsibility to the bands.

What can you tell me about the future of X Records?
Probably just trying to keep putting out records as long I show interest in it and as people buy them.

Would you like the X-RECS distro to be more vast? (have you thought about expanding it? Elaborate.
Yeah I go back and forth, I'm getting my website redone soon. I guess I'm gonna try to collect records from bands and records that have come out.
I go to Cass & Italy to pick up records to distribute. I'm trying to expand it when the new website is up.

When should we expect a new website?
Hopefully in a few months we'll see a new website.

Would you like to do another X-records Fest to raise money?
Yeah I'm planning on putting together some kind of festival. I would have done a festival this summer but some things came up where I couldn't so I'd like to do another festival in the next year.

If you could change anything would you?
Nothing really comes to mind. No regrets about how its gone.
What and why?
Maybe more promotion and maybe get the word out more about releases.

How do you feel about all the people starting to talk about X Records
did you ever think it would get this big?
I'm not going to pretend I'm the end all be all record label but I think I do have a certain established name to offer and some people pick it up based on the label and maybe pick up a release based on that.

What do you like/
what do you dislike about distribution of X Records?

I'm happy to get hooked up with some main distributors and small Distros. I'm hoping to get more direct sales.

I do a lot of bands first records that people have never heard of before and
it can be hard because man this band needs to get a record out then you have to get people buy it or check it out. I like doing 7"inches cause they're easier to put out. 7inches are also cheaper than a full length.

I've seen lots of weird artwork on releases have you helped out before?
I usually help out with layout for bands.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free show!

Outrageous Cherry and Citizen Smile are playing The Whitney Garden Party! Thursday, August 12, 5:30-8pm !free admission!

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