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Duende/ThePhilter +more

Greg Aubry (Superbomb)
The Burning Ponies  
The Philter

Mariah Dallas is our lovely tip girl!

DUENDESDAY is a mash up of Wednesday (as in every first Wednesday of the month) and DUENDE!
The term itself was coined by bassist and pop culture and film enthusiast Scott Sanford.
DUENDESDAY is like Brigadoon but where your name is always on the guest list and no one can take you higher and everyone knows Jelly Roll has, uh, fine shoes... to clarify it is always FREE to the Public but not to the Generals of the Republic...
Though you'll see a beautiful woman carrying a champagne bucket for tips during each bands set but if you don't got a dime to spare we don't care but if you do, drop it in for the musicians so they can boogaloo...


Sometimes when bands get famous they find themselves suddenly too cool to play the anarchist collective. They get a band manager, who wouldn't find it a profitable enough business move. Well, NOT LEMURIA! Why? because they're FUCKING AWESOME.

MY PAL VAL - Detroit fuckin awesome bluesy rock. "Thunder dipped in honey"

HALF TON DESTRIER- get ready to question every thing you knew to be true.

Tuesday July 2nd, 2013
4210 Trumbull, Detroit
Doors at 7, Music around 8
$6 donation
all ages of course