Tuesday, December 25, 2012


[ Here is the long print out description of the Event. (NOT IN MY OWN WORDS) Check it out, It's a good read. Also, GREG BAISE BAYBY! 

Poor Steve got bricked to death. The British call it Boxing Day because they taught us to re-gift. Either you're burning off a hangover or politely hoping you might stumble into one.

This is a FREE show at a place you should have a passing knowledge of. We believe in promptness, so at 9:40 the night will begin with TURN TO CRIME. We like to have variety in these things; so the sheer fact we have TURN TO CRIME back for another go should prove to your brain-pan that maybe (just maybe) TURN TO CRIME has a bit of what you need. Seriously, there might be burnt offerings after it's over.

KOMMIE KILPATRICK exists. What maybe started as a hardcore joke amongst smart friends has become one of those oiled, bang-on concerns that smoke in these federated swamps. They single-handedly took the garage-rock, Ima gonna cover my grand pa pas records types out to the wood shed and...well, if I was to describe the complete control the KOMMIE KILPATRICK dickheads have on "The Scene" you'd think me mad and you incontinent.

OH Wow. When talking about PARQUET COURTS i'd like to invoke Jamie Cherry's clarion call (If you see it as a moan from stomach pain). OWWWWW. Did you know that we've got NYC bands (PARQUET COURTS) wanting to come to our burnt and pleasant land? It's mostly because we said it was an awesome place. And we, as a bunch of chubbed-out burn-outs will give them welcome. This band is great. Go on, try and fight it. There's a swell reason why there playing a free show at Jumbo's, why not come out and find out? Here's a hint: They blow most Detroit bands off the map. 

PROTOMARTYR is a Make-A-Wish that went too far. Who are we to tell the kid it's terminal? Here's a hint: please let the guitar player know his moment on the earth was worth it.


We've done this bit for two years and both them years had GREG BAISE SPOKEN WORD. Why stop now? GREG BAISE brings a lot to the table. The table is full of cans of food to donate to HURRICANE SANDUSKY.

Could we have DJs? Maybe. I don't trust you freeloaders with one of those INTERNET JUKEBOXES. 

Here is the selling point: FREE FREE FREE FREE  ]


Mittenfest VII poster by Jen Harley

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Timmy's Organism!

King Khan BBQ Show!

KING KHAN & BBQ (In the Red, Goner)


DIGITAL LEATHER (Fat Possum, Goner)


W/ DJ Jeremy Wheeler

21+ Doors 9:00 pm

Free with RSVP
RSVP here: http://kkbbq.sailorjerrypresents.com/