Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Bill Bondsmen [80's hardcore revival]:
"You could say that the Detroit-based BILL BONDSMEN play raw, angry hardcore punk and leave it at that. But that’s lazy. And since I’m getting paid by the word, I need to pad this out a bit (wink, wink). I will say that they’ve got the trigger-finger animosity of other compatriots from the Midwest—the guitar scuzz certainly sounds like some of the buzzsaw Cleveland acts like 9 Shocks Terror or the Inmates. Add to that the pure rage of MassHoles (a term of endearment for people from Ma
ssachusetts) Out Cold, with whom they shared a split 7" with last year. It’s not a musical carbon copy, but more a similar attitude and feel that the BONDSMEN have to other Midwest thrashers all the while adding their own vicious stamp to it." -Magic Stick
Bill Bondsmen

Rawdogs [Detroit]
We're the hard-rocking master race, sent from earth to outer space to make you watch us masturbate, thrash this place n smash your fuckin' face. -Rawdogs
Raw Dogs

Down Down Down [Detroit]:
"Punk rock in the vane of We Are The Union, The Swellers, Break Anchor, Against the Grain. "

-Magic Stick

Down Down Down

Suicide By Cop [Ann Arbor]:
"Born of a long line of Michigan punk bands, Suicide By Cop is forging ahead, eschewing the past and making way for new sounds and new ideas, but keeping the same intensity and aggression. With one full-length vinyl release under their belts, Suicide By Cop is writing, recording, earning and saving in an endeavor to be as prolific on vinyl as any corporate band spreading their filthy digital seeds today." -Magic Stick

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Nov 22, Magic Stick Lounge, $7, 8PM

Tickets: http://tktwb.tw/majestictheater


Jimmy Ohio & The Ultimate Lovers
Jimmy Ohio & The Ultimate Lovers

Margaret Doll Rod
Margaret Doll Rod

Danny & The Darleans
Danny & The Darleans


Doors 8 PM / $8 Cover / No Minors

"Amy Gore & Her Valentines is comprised of some of Detroit’s most revered bands from the new rock generation (Gorevette, Gore Gore Girls, Von Bondies) bursting onto the scene in 2011 and quickly building a reputation. The band's highly anticipated full-length album is here! "In Love" is available on CD & limited edition color vinyl at the show!  " Amy Gore

Special Guests that rule

Class Three Overbite Class Three Overbite

The High Strung The High Strung

Almost Free Almost Free

AMY GORE & HER VALENTINES  Amy Gore & Her Valentines

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Protomartyr Live!

November 14th 

Special thanks to WCBN (the Local Music Show) and Urinal Cake Records for releasing the performance.

Urinal Cake Records

Urinal Cake Soundcloud

WCBN-Ann Arbor Radio

Friday, November 9, 2012

Terminal Boredom Review of Frustrations

The band posted this review so I thought i'd repost it for ya'll.

here's a link: http://terminal-boredom.com/reviews/demos/201211/

Also if you've never been to terminal boredom or the forum, it's a great place.

Frustrations-Negative Reflections (tape release) on Gold Tapes.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Inflatable Best Friend-DMT Bike Ride

Inflatable Best Friend
Austin McQuater-Bass guitar
Ian Howell -precussion
Tanner Boerman-guitar/vocals

Inflatable Best Friend or IBF to some are releasing their debut album on January 18th 2013. I had the privilege of listening to it early to write this review. If you have been reading and keeping up with my blog here you'll remember way back in 2011 when I interviewed them. Their sound off the bat in the demos we're rough tracks but these guys put a great album together that really sums up how they're supposed to sound live. As most first bands have a hard time getting a good concrete studio quality demo out this album is crystal clear. It does have a bit of lo-fidelity feel to it. I would not mind having a copy of this on tape if that puts things in perspective. 

The album is titled-DMT Bike Ride. The album artwork looks hand drawn. It's a little guy riding a bike while on a drug trip. The first track immediately took me to early 90s era punk/almost Smashing Pumpkins/Sonic Youth-esque. The guys recorded it and all of the other tracks at in the basement of Village Castle. The tracks were mixed/mastered at WIDR Studios with the help of Golden Joe & Eli Kroes. As a fan of lofi/grunge/and fuzzed out punk...this album won't disappoint you. (For fans of shoegaze I think you'll like this too) It will take you back to a time where music videos were about driving around really fast and spilling your coffee in your lap and doing donuts in parking lots. 

The album itself was written pretty unconventionally. It has a ton of riffing and funky drum fills. Joe & Eli did a really well job showcasing that uniqueness Inflatable Best Friend has to offer. The guys in IBF also did a good job of not putting you to sleep when you listen to it. From start to finish it's like you're opening a book and can't put it down until you've read the end of it. DMT Bike ride has 11 tracks and will be released in Vinyl Record on Inflatable's self-label "Obvious Records." Only 250 copies will be available. My favorite of all the tracks on this was: Swiss Cheese Brain.