Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Steal Reserve Records Presents: “Trigger Warning” by Chay & The Hostages

short interview with Chay Drexler

Scott: Tell me about the release a bit...

Chay:  It's my 4th release as Chay & The Hostages. (2 LPs 2 EPs) I wrote and recorded all 

of the stuff at home by myself. I tried to experiment with a few new styles on this release 

and incorporated some rockabilly and slow-core into a couple songs. I had a rough year 

recording these songs, getting pretty much banned from Canada after a bad relationship 

and running on weed and coffee but I feel like I was able to make some unique recordings 

that will hopefully resonate with some people.

Available online and on cassette TODAY!!!!!!

Chay and the Hostages on Facebook

Bandcamp-listen to Trigger Warning here

Chay & the Hostages on Youtube

"You seem lost but I've been where you are, clinging to a fading star". 

The second song "Swim" sums up the mood for the entire album, a manic chugging train ride at 4am while on the brink of maybe sobriety or maybe insanity.

 The vocals drone and boom into the mechanical and frantic title track "Trigger Warning". 

In a music scene where everyone wants to be twee and ironic this might be the heaviest noise you'll hear at a dive bar since Big Black. 

And Chay tops off the short unbalanced journey with Left My Lady (on I-80) a creepy Casio-esque rockabilly song about Vegas? Yeah. Recommended with a liberal dose of caffeine and/or Alcohol."

-Kyle Paulin